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We have brought several offers to the market through innovative techniques and modern methods, for which customers are safe from their money problems, house shifting, office equipment removal and furniture removal, consolidation pack, doorstep, etc. process. We can provide convenient services by offering services at very reasonable prices.

    Car Transport

    KD International Packers and Movers Company is an experienced and leading car moving company.

    Office Shifting

    The risk of moving the office is on the owner's mind.

    House Removals

    KD International Packers and Movers Company can provide you with such moving services

    Loading Unloading

    You may want to see how your items will be loaded, and loading and unloading.


    If the storage system is equipped with a modern design, the customer gets many advantages.

    Packing Unpacking

    How to pack your valuables and essentials will become a thorny question.

    Used by Over 1 million movers in the India

    Save up to 70% on the cost of moving

    KD International Packers and Movers

    Different types of moving companies offer professional services to help customers move home or commercial items from one place to another or move a car. How to trust the company and how to find the right company to get an idea of how to pack, load, and transport goods. Unloading, storage, assembly, insurance, door delivery services etc., are necessary, so keep a thorough understanding of these. When choosing a company to quote for, try to confirm whether the charges they are charging are too tricky for you to pay or whether you expect the process to end from them. However, our company is not new in the world of moving, this industry started a few years ago, and the journey has been arduous, but our company has teams, they work according to the rules and requirements patiently, and their united work can make our company improve and work with goals. And they are knowledgeable and educated so solve the problem in a few minutes. In fact, customers also trust us 100% because they have achieved excellent results at affordable prices by shifting valuable and diverse items with the help of our company.

    Relocate In 4 Easy Steps

    Step One

    Your requirements will different. We ask to submit requirements separately as we work individually. Tell us your requirements and provide the list of items for us to quote.

    Step Two

    You won't need to know what the quote will be based on knowing the first step, as you will be given a free quote once we receive all the proper information, including your destination address.

    Step Three

    It is your responsibility to compare; depending on your preferences and benefits, you can hire a moving company at an affordable price and take services as per the instructions of their experts.

    Step Four

    Everything from your home sofa, almirah, TV, chair and bed, or office furniture that needs to be moved will be pre-planned and packed, ready for transportation.

    About Us

    KD International Packers and Movers is an old and successful, hassle-free moving company who can stand by the customers and provide them service and solutions with care and security. Are you looking to shift from your house to a new flat? Feel free to choose; we can provide you with a smooth and stress-free transition. Entrust us with moving your house belongings; we will provide you with budget-friendly prices for house moving, commercial goods shifting, car moving and storage, and other solutions in no time. The popularity of KD International Packers and Movers has increased, and now many big companies have also taken the services. This company prioritizes customer feedback and gives them 24-hour online service via chat or call. Extra financial expenses can add to the problem, so it's important to wonder how to minimize it. Even if additional men are needed to protect and care for your valuable equipment, we will provide a safe and positive experience. Instead of packing extra stuff, try to cross things off the list that you don't need.


    Helping You Every Step of Your Move

    From the beginning, many processes should go right, and it is necessary to hire a reliable company; KD International Packers and Movers Company usually answers to help in every process.

    We don’t offer any damage to your goods, but we have ways to reduce costs, like we use different quality materials which are selected according to the size of the goods and have low rates. We have materials which will help your goods to be transported smoothly. , you also need to reduce the number of items based on the cost you want
    Your belongings will be transported properly and pre-planned, and our staff is professionally on call 24 hours a day to ensure your belongings are safe, secure, and handled with care and reliability.
    Of course, you can store any item for as long as you need; our warehouse is cleaned daily, so your favorite things will not spoil and break.
    Our trucks are unique because of the special benefits customers get and the modern design, and the new, low fuel consumption.
    We have advanced tools, equipment, and materials designed to ensure that expensive, memorable, and valuable items reach the new location or country safely.
    Generally, expert packers as well as moving companies figure out the moving cost on the complying with basis.
    • Distance in between 2 places
    • Variety of things you intend to relocate.
    • Dimension and also nature of products to be shifted
    • Packing products needed for packaging Quality as well as quantity of packing products
    • If you require it, insurance
    • Appropriate tax obligations such as GST, toll tax, as well as Octroi
    • If any type of, value-added services

    Why Choose Us?

    When you decide to move any item or pet, or car, you must plan to select a leading and renowned moving company. Firstly, a reliable company has professional and trained staff who can handle all my expensive or valuable items with care and interest and ensure 100% that they reach the destination safely and under surveillance and without any internal or external damage. Secondly, reliable moving companies offer insurance coverage, such as KD International Packers and Movers, which gives you the peace of mind that any of your belongings are safe in any unexpected situation.

    Our Mission

    We want to offer our services to customers in Gurgaon and other parts of India, so we are gradually developing the technology and systems, focusing on updating the goals and meeting the customers' needs.

    Our Team

    Take a few minutes to chat with our staff to see how helpful they are and how they can try to meet your needs through their experiences. They are professional and diligent to get any job done quickly.

    Our Quality

    Knowing what is good quality and what is bad quality is difficult to distinguish between two and requires experience; KD International Packers and Movers will help you identify the good and the bad directly, then provide you with the best quality service.

    Contact Information

    Manesar Gurugram Branch

    Sector 57 Gurgaon Branch

    Gurugram Branch

    Our Policies

    This company does not use any fake information, does not sell customer information outside and is not interested in fraud and provides customer benefits with honesty and integrity; customers trust, so do not hesitate to fill out the form on the website and share personal information. When another person fills out the form on the website, he will not be able to see your information because, after submission, the information is reserved for use by trusted persons of our company.

    Customer Information:

    Name, Email ID, Address, Contact Number, Key moving and bank details for your payment etc., you need to submit if you want to get a commitment for any kind of service. We have made the system confidential so that no one can steal it, and we have a lot of customer information that we keep and delete.

    Payment method:

    The payment method is not very complicated if you understand it completely, but it is an important method because if you make a little mistake, a loss can happen. We will guide you so you don't have to think about payment; the now online payment method is used by most people, you can pay through UPI, bank and if you feel complicated with online payment, you can pay in cash, but you have to make full payment at the end of the job. Don't make any excuses.

    Terms and Conditions:

    You may have a question like why we put terms and conditions. We provide guidance on reading the terms and conditions as we read everything. Without the right terms, there is a misunderstanding, so both a user's responsibility and the company's responsibility are meant to be equal. Our terms are visible and clear. Changes to the Terms and Conditions are made at our discretion, and the right to change is not passed on to any customer.

    Some Popular Locations

    KD International Packers and Movers is an old and successful, hassle-free moving company who can stand by the customers and provide them service and solutions with care and security.

    Terms & Condition

    You may have a question like why we put terms and conditions. We provide guidance on reading the terms and conditions as we read everything. Without the right terms, there is a misunderstanding, so both a user’s responsibility and the company’s responsibility are meant to be equal.

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